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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Certain Christians

About that time King Herod extended his hands to harm certain ones from the church.
- Acts 12:1

In any endeavor or group, there is a certain something that distinguishes the few from the many. In some cases, it may be their ability to see things that others cannot. Perhaps some have highly developed leadership skills, or are more persuasive than others. Sometimes it is a person’s refusal to compromise that sets them apart. It could be an unusual amount of confidence or charm that makes them more successful in some areas of life.

But what is it that causes some believers to be known as certain Christians—set apart—with greater potential than others?

I believe it has nothing to do with the usual standards the world applies to those who have achieved worldly notoriety, such as fame, fortune or stunning good looks. I believe that certain Christians are characterized by their capacity for accomplishing great things for the kingdom of God.

This has nothing to do with their natural resume or physical qualifications. It has everything to do with their determination to do God’s will above all else. Certain Christians are not content to sit by and watch others achieve victory—they are not satisfied unless they are in the middle of everything that God is doing in their sphere of influence.

But I believe there is another important characteristic that is shared by certain Christians, and it is this: not only do they have the favor of God, they also have the attention of the forces of darkness. They are mortal threats to the devil and his dominion. They are recognized in heaven, but they are also known in hell.

Certain Christians get more than their share of trouble. You may wonder why you have always felt as though you were the target of the enemy’s fiery darts. It may seem as though everything you try to do, regardless of how routine it is, results in unusual opposition. It could be that you are a certain Christian.

Here is something else that is shared by certain Christians: they press forward in spite of opposition. They do not give up or give in when the going gets tough. They endure hardness, and wage warfare on behalf of their King, even though the way may be lonely and the battle may be long.

In this case, Peter was recognized as a certain Christian. When he began his journey with the Lord, he was a fisherman. But after an encounter with Jesus, he became a fisher of men. He allowed God to touch and transform his life in such a dramatic fashion that the devil tried, but failed, to take him out before his assignment was finished.

I believe that you, too, can be a certain Christian. God is looking for more of them to increase His influence in the earth, and to extend the boundaries of His kingdom. Men may misunderstand you and hell will despise you, but you will be able to withstand every opposing force and experience victory after victory when you are a certain Christian.

Further Reading

  • Acts 12:1
  • Mark 12:30
  • Deuteronomy 31:6
  • Philippians 4:13

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